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"We exist to see Jesus transform lives through His Word, Prayer & Loving Relationships."


Angels: God’s Unseen Messengers & Warriors is a 5 week sermon series by Dr. Jim Eckman. Western Civilization is filled with paintings, sculptures, stories and poems about angels. However, many Christians today have a view of angels more informed by nonbiblical sources than by the Word of God. Christians thereby need a good deal of wisdom and discernment in approaching a study of angels.

Measures of Maturity is a sermon series on the book of James by Pastor Matt Shada. James, the half brother of Jesus, wrote this book to encourage believers in the early church to mature in their faith. This letter is a call to action and brings clarity to what “faith lived out” looks like.

Can I Trust the Bible? Can I claim its authority over my life? Can I believe its teachings – about God, about myself, about salvation, about the future? The Bible is the epitome of God’s special revelation to humanity. Listen to this sermon series by Dr. Jim Eckman as he addresses this key question – Can I Trust the Bible?

Join Us for Worship in West Omaha

Each weekend we come together to celebrate who God is and respond to Him for the great things He has done, and to study the truth of who Jesus is as found in His Word.

At Steadfast Bible Fellowship, we would love the opportunity to share in worship with you. We believe in bible-based teaching that focuses on the heart of the individual, and how the Bible applies to your everyday life. During our worship service you will find we sing both contemporary songs and hymns.

We encourage you to listen our recent sermons and read more about us as a church, and we’d love the opportunity to meet you this Sunday! If you have questions about the church or what to expect when visiting feel free to contact us.

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